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clients say

Don't just take our word for it... here's a small sample of what folks say about working with us.


strategy and coaching

[Alex] can break things down and communicate them in a manner that is easy to understand… she knows when to have fun, when to be serious, and how to leverage which emotions to get the best out of others. She has an infectious enthusiasm… she is great at coordinating and keeping the big picture in focus and on track.

I was embarking on a change of career and Alex helped me massively with that. She has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and grow both personally and professionally. Alex brings a lot of experience and wisdom to our conversations and is great at clarifying your vision of where you want to go and providing you the steps to get there. Her knowledgeable, creative encouragement is a must for new and experienced business owners alike.

Thank you for your coaching... I really do appreciate your support and advice in this transition... Your strengths definitely lie in being able to see the bigger picture, how to define, to strategise, all the right jargon words to describe the various processes and connections... You have a kind and supportive nature. You are able to express your natural enthusiasm for your subject and those you coach.

Thanks Alex - you got me out of my comfort zone which is an important first step! Also I really appreciated the reminder of what great opportunities are out there & to be re-ignited with excitement about that.

For those struggling millenials who are looking for the magic tricks to build that career and get out of the common ruts, I recommend Alex.

I couldn't imagine having done it without you.


facilitation and engagement

I had no clear idea of what to expect as a first timer, but that does not diminish the awe, the sense of community, the connections, and the depth and breadth of conversations I experienced as a part of this event. Though I will find it difficult to explain... to others, they will no doubt receive the message that it was profound :)

My brain is still trying to process the wisdom that echoed through the room; I feel like my head is going to explode :D


communications and web project management

I wanted to congratulate you on a job well done with respect to the online [service estimate] tool… previous [company] management thought this thing would take $50,000+ and almost a year… you and your team accomplished it in less than a quarter of that. This has been one of the most exciting initiatives undertaken from a sales and marketing perspective and, as such, has been very important to me, so thank you for taking ownership over it.

Well done Alex! This was one of [the company president's] high priority initiatives, and I entrusted you with managing the work… and guiding the [company] team through the process to result in an excellent end product. So, despite all the frustrations and some of the other obstacles you overcame, you delivered a product that everyone was proud of. Congratulations!


training and change management

[Alex] was excellent in her presenting skills. Interesting, spontaneous, bright and very knowledgable. She is dynamic.

She has great enthusiasm, and responded politely to everyone even to ruder questions.

Excellent job presenting, very organized, in-control and lively…

Very energetic and upbeat – made a potentially “dry” subject interesting…

Thank you Alex; you made this easy-peasy!


technical communications (technical writing and editing)

Alex was brought on board as a Technical Writer. As the project matured, Alex’s role and scope of work broadened. Alex was responsible for developing… documents based on data gathered through interviews of subject matter experts, updating Technical Training materials, developing tracking metrics. Alex has mastery level software skills… Alex is a rare individual who brings a lot of energy, enthusiasm, determination, and drive to the team... Alex met all milestones assigned… My clients were asking for her and her alone.

In recognition of your significant efforts and support for the implementation of the JDE Change Management Process please accept this as a token of our appreciation. Your excellent technical skills and great presentation ideas allowed us to get good information into users hands in a palatable fashion making it easier for all of the JDE users and support folks to understand and manage the change process.

Alex, you rock – I love it! Muchos gracias. (regarding a new template design)